Friday, May 14, 2010

On the Death of Intelligent Design.

It is nice to know that even religiously affiliated spokesmen, such as The Clergy Letter founder Michael Zimmerman, are or have already raised their voices against the absurdity that is intelligent design. In his latest blog post, that can be read here, Dr. Zimmerman not only discards the notion of ID, but stomps it into the ground. To summarize Dr. Zimmerman's points: a) ID is NOT a scientific theory, never was, never will be, and b) even if it was, its main arguments have been shown to be demonstrably false.

There is plenty of literature on how to smash Intelligent Design, but I haven't read such a prompt an decisive article in a while. Also, the fact that I've heard so many people say "Oh I saw Expelled, such a good movie" irritates me. For one, because I can recognize the lies, and it pisses me off that they got away with it, and two, that people think it's actually good because it takes that position of "going against authority, the rebel alliance vs the evil scientific empire". Rather than spend time arguing against the movie, or ID for that matter, I direct you to Expelled Exposed and SkepDic, since they are a much better sourced resource than I can ever be.

Either way, It's about time. Yes, Discovery Institute and Answers in Genesis, I'm talking to you.

You published books, you got a movie out (Expelled), you made noise. Thank you for your input; at best, it helped grind down how ridiculous creationism was in the first place. You had your fun, now it's time to cool down, admit defeat, and stick to religion, if you can at least do that correctly. The people who will believe creationism will stick to it, and science will continue to teach what should be taught to the rest of the world. Should science teaching be changed? Absolutely, there should be more involvement, more fascination, more inquiry, more critical thinking and less fact memorization. There should not, however, be movements to push religion into science. It just doesn't fit.

I sincerely hope this catches on and becomes less of an issue as time goes by. While I am not arguing that science and religion are incompatible, the fact that think tanks like the Discovery Institute actually spend time trying to force unfounded "facts" into education is unacceptable. Thus, that popular journals and blogsites are starting to spread the word that it's over comes as very happy news indeed.