Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why a blog

There's things I rarely talk about or express in some other way to others. On one hand, this is good. I'm seen as a cheery, well-natured guy who tries to smile as often as possible, joke and not be at odds with anyone. On the other hand, they accumulate. What once was a small, weird discomfort gnawing at the back of my brain has become a constant downer, a weight clamped at my feet. Any mention of the concept is enough to put my mood down for a couple of minutes.

Thus, I decided to put this on paper, so to speak. It doesn't really matter that nobody reads it, but at least I'll know that it’s out there, I've said it, it's there and done and maybe then I can rest easy for the time being. This is not to say I've made this blog JUST for that purpose. I am a neuroscientist at heart, a technology enthusiast, a computer geek, and an avid video game player. Philosophical questions lie at the heart of every humans, but if it's just philosophy we discuss, a fate similar to Nietzsche's will await us.

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